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Mouse Tracks

Mouse Tracks

Track mouse movement, clicks and keyboard presses across different games, and render them in artistic ways. After a huge response from Reddit (and a resulting small news article), I've been working hard over the past few months to get it ready for use. Currently I'm coding a website framework to host the project.
Museum Animation

Museum Animation

The objective was to create an animation up to 30 seconds long, which included an interaction between a humanoid and non humanoid character. This was the first animation I ever attempted and was finished in just under a week.

Futuristic Earth

We were given two projects to composite in nuke. This was the first project, in which along with the renders we were given, I replaced the background with my own built in Photoshop, and added fog and jets flying overhead. The second piece was floating hay bales, which involved more advanced masking needing expressions.

Dancing Robot

Animation, Motion Capture, Matchmoving, Rigging, Compositing
We were tasked as a team to use the provided 4K RAW footage and integrate our own robot using motion capture. We went a step further and also included some animation to open up the shot, though due to us not being in control of the camera angles, some cuts we have are a bit awkward. I was in charge of rigging, animation, and matchmoving, and we both worked on the motion capture and compositing.

Randomly Instance Objects

This was created for the scripting module, it is able to scatter objects across a landscape, whether it's a beach with rocks or a dense forest. With the variation controls, you can use minimal effort to get a nice looking result using a few paint effects and an object as the ground.

An Event

Filming, Editing
We had to create a 1 minute edit with between 10-20 locked off shots of an ordinary tack, and make it look interesting through the use of composition and camera angles.

Connect 3D

Similar to a cross between Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe) and Connect 4, I coded a fully working version of a game I thought up at school, including artificial intelligence that works at different difficulty levels.

Bike Product Shots

Unwrapping, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering
The task was to create professional studio shots of a bike. I unwrapped and textured a model of a bike, created a studio lighting setup, and then render out a few images with multiple passes in a linear workflow to put in the final composition.

Playback Animation

This was done as a personal project to help with animation. It will allow the user to play the entire scene with camera changes, and also gives the option to add camera shake.

Abstract Maze Generator + Other Projects

Click here for various ideas I have scripted.
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