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Dancing Robot

As a group of 2 we were tasked to plan a sequence with a robot which would use motion capture data to make it dance. As the lecturers filmed all the shots, we had to make some changes based on their framing, and as you'll notice, some of the cuts could flow a lot better.

I matchmoved around 50GB of the footage to send to the person I was working with, and rigged the model once he'd finished it. As I was working on the animation, he set up the scenes for rendering, and we both worked on the motion capture.
We both composited two shots each, where I then matched up the colour grading on all of them, added the smoke in the 2nd shot, and rendered out the final version.

Due to the time constraints (I was in France 3 weeks before the deadline, and the robot only got finished during this time), limitations of the HumanIK solver and an awkward angle to frame correctly, I was unable to quite get the animation to a level I was happy with.
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